Important Messages

If it isn’t toilet paper, don’t flush it.

Please help keep the fragile Green Place Community sewerage system healthy. Each call out costs ~$400. 

We’d rather spend community money on better things! 

Thank you for your cooperation. 


You are reminded that the speed limit on Green Place is 10km/hour. We do not have footpaths to walk on, which means that your lovely neighbours (including the furry ones) walk and play on our roads. There is limited visibility around the loop and we appreciate your understanding in keeping everyone safe by driving slowly and using your blinkers. Please note: This speed limit also applies to cyclists.  

Domestic Animals

It has been drawn to our attention that some pets are causing distress to other residents with barking, dogs chasing children, cats not keeping curfew and people not cleaning up their pets poop. 

Owners must manage pets to minimise nuisance and distress to your community. Please help keep this a great place to live for everyone.

Nillumbik cat curfew is 7:30pm to 6am.

Guidance can be found at the website;

Parking Cars

Green Place roadway is designed for transit, not for parking. No part of a parked vehicle should extend into this road.

Each property is required to provide two off road parking spaces for residents. Any additional cars should be parked up on Railway Parade.


A number of snakes have been sighted at Green Place during “snake season” each year.  The first residents to move in here say they see about five (5) tiger snakes per year on average.  

Please see St John’s Ambulance for information regarding snake bites.

Fire Risk

We live in a high fire risk area and it is important that we all have a fireplan. Please refer to our Community Fireguard page and our Village Fire Plan.