Village Fireplan

Updated: March 2020

This village plan is intended to augment individual household Fire Plans, not to replace them. It contains few action items, being chiefly for information. It follows a meeting of some Green Place residents in December 2016.

Households in Green Place who have not been involved in the Fireguard Group are encouraged to seek advice and participate in the village plan. The CFA runs workshops somewhere every year.

In the event of widespread fires, do NOT EXPECT to see a fire truck attending Green Place. Do not rely on mains water at normal pressure or electrical power.

Given a CFA forecast for a Fire Danger Rating at the high end of the scale, some households plan to stay and defend, some to leave early.

We seek to make known the departure triggers for households planning to leave early, so that their intentions are clear to others. This is best done by Facebook or by email.

People who leave early will endeavor to notify the rest of the Fireguard Group close to their departure, leaving contact details, and their plans for return, if known. This is best done through Facebook or email.

It is accepted by the people who leave early that those staying to defend must concentrate on defending their own home as the refuge for their family. Any assistance extended to the homes of absent households would be an unexpected bonus.

The CFA Stay and Defend Workshop of 2013 emphasized the merit of identifying safer houses, and of having larger groups sheltered in a defending situation. Some houses in Green Place will be better than average for sheltering in a bushfire, however they cannot be listed here as refuge for a given day.

Households will be responsible for procuring and maintaining their own fire-fighting items, such as hoses, water containers, mops, ladders.

There is no plan to procure firefighting equipment for the Owners Corporation. This can be raised at Committee of Management meetings for the O/C.

The Fireguard Group will endeavor to meet at least once each year approaching the fire season, to review this plan, exchange ideas, and be reminded of the importance of having a household fire plan and beginning preparations early.

Howard Devlin, convener, Green Place Fireguard Group.
Fiona Macken, CFA presenter 2016 and 2019.

Resources and Links

There are a number of useful resources and links that can assist you with your bushfire preparations: